Automated weighing and measuring system

Tomidaseiki AS/RS sheet metal storage system will automatically weigh the total weight and measure the plate quantity of each pallet. With multiple sets of weighing device, the system will balance the weight of each device. Provides the most accuracy inventory system.

Machine 100% Made in Taiwan

Tomidaseiki has over 140 top and outstanding employees in Taiwan, with many years efforts and develop, Tomidaseiki group designed and manufactured a high-level AS/RS sheet metal storage systems and became one of the best in Taiwan. Moreover, Tomidaseiki have one-stop manufacture, our self-made rates besides of components is 100%, forming, welding, assembling, painting and testing all by ourselves. In that way we can control the quality and customized your machines as your request.

High quality for the components

Customized your machine

Pallet quantity, Machine color, Pallet height, Machine height… All can be customized and suit to your demand.

High speed, High efficiency

High speed moving elevators Ascend / Descend. Two speeds Forward / Backward Loader.