Safety Device

Safety Anti-Drop system

Safety is always the first and essential policy in Tomidaseiki. To prevent the storage system happen accident or cause damage, Tomidaseiki designs multiple safety devices in advance for all of our users.

High strength chain

By using high quality and high strength chain as the main delivery chain. Even in the full loading, it safety to ascend /descend the elevator.

Special design reducer bearing

Tomidaseiki special patent reducer bearing design When the accident happen cause the elevator drop down, the reducer bearing will lock and brake immediately to stop the dropping.

Safety sensor guard

Full length status indicators, integrated functionality and built-in series connection are a few of the attributes that make the GL-R Series the intelligent choice.

Emergency stop / Alarm history

When the accident occurs, push the emergency button can stop the machine immediately to prevent worse damage. The alarm history will show the error message for easily troubleshooting